Wedding Reception Tips and Ideas

There are many elements in a reception like the wedding cake, décor, food and music that need to be taken care of. To make the whole event a grand affair each of these elements must be absolutely perfect.

Wedding Cake: The wedding cake is the most significant aspect of a wedding reception. It is an age-old tradition that continues to be an integral part of wedding receptions even today. Although the thought of a wedding cake is synonymous with the typical white, multi-layered round cake, there is a huge range of wedding cakes available today.

Although these days there are grooms cakes as well, the bridal cake enjoys greater fanfare. Thus, ladies can choose from numerous flavours, designs, shapes and even themes. There are many flavours like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, almond, coffee, carrot, fresh fruit, lemon, pineapple, black forest etc. to choose from. Many cakes are even decorated with exotic toppings like orchids to make them even more attractive.

Wedding Cuisine: The food is yet another very important aspect and depending upon the time of the reception, couples must select the dishes to be served.

For a brunch reception, it is recommended to serve bread, muffins, mimosas, sausages and fresh fruits along with rich coffee.

If the reception is at noon, the spread can include sandwiches, pasta, some green salad and maybe fresh fruits or even fruit juices. To make it unique, it is also a good idea to include deserts after a short gap following lunch.

For those who want to keep the event casual can even think of serving burgers for the reception. Small patties made of seared tuna with a topping of smoked salmon bacon can be an equally delightful menu.

For a dinner reception, an elaborate buffet with the choicest cocktails is the perfect combination. Pick some of the tastiest hors d’oeuvres to accompany the wine or cocktails. A barbeque is a good starter while a few Asian-inspired dishes can really add great flavour.

Wedding Music: Music is the soul of a wedding reception. Couples must make a through search for the best music bands or DJs and get them to play for the event. Bride and groom can compile a playlist of their favourite tracks that include romantic numbers and all time classics.

Wedding Décor: Having the perfect wedding décor sets up the event and adds to the beauty of the event. Couples can use traditional wedding decorations like candles and balloons or unconventional materials like ethnic items along with gorgeous cutlery, embroidered napkins and table cloth to enhance the look of the venue. Using various forms of lighting is also a great idea to adorn the reception hall.

These are just a few of the wedding reception ideas. It is not necessary to spend a great deal and just a little bit of research and imagination, there can be plenty of fabulous ideas to be used.

Finding Inspiration For Your Wedding Design

Every bride wants her wedding to be an unforgettable day. You want it to be a magical time, and as well as an event that will make your guests weep with joy. All of this is great, but it can be hard to know how to pull together your fantasy wedding. Here are some tips on how to find inspiration for your dream wedding.

Maybe you are like Monica on Friends, and have been keeping a wedding notebook for years, with clippings of your favorite dresses, cakes, and flowers. If this sounds like you, then you are a lucky girl – all you have to do is pull out your notebook and start making phone calls. Most brides, however, go into planning a wedding with much vaguer ideas. They might have a few words that come to mind, like simple, elegant, formal, or regal, but they are not quite sure how to transform a general notion into an actual wedding.

This is where those magazine clippings can come in handy. Go to the newsstand, and flip through a bunch of bridal magazines. You will quickly see that there is a magazine out there for every type of bride: high-end, budget, celebrity weddings, simple weddings, and of course, Martha Stewart weddings. Pick up the ones that strike your fancy, get out your scissors, and start clipping out pictures. Before long, you will notice that a pattern develops: “Aha! I am falling in love with picture after picture of pink peonies.”, or lace dresses, or castle weddings, or whatever it may be. All of a sudden, you will find your vague idea starting to take form into something more solid. Your clippings will also be very useful when it comes time to shop for a gown, meet with the florist, and so on.

The internet is also a terrific place to get inspiration for your wedding design. All of those magazines will also have websites that you can check out. In addition, there are plenty of other websites, featuring everything you could ever want for your wedding, from gowns to bridesmaid gifts to song ideas and tips on writing vows. Many of the sites will allow you to mark your favorite ideas for future reference. Many brides also find it helpful to use one of the social bookmarking sites to organize their clippings from different sites. You can bookmark links for your favorite flowers, bridesmaid gifts, flower girl dresses, and everything else all in one convenient place. It also makes it really easy to share ideas with your mother or bridesmaids.

Inspiration for your wedding doesn’t have to come specifically from a wedding themed source. You may find yourself inspired by a favorite movie or book. Travel is another terrific source for a wedding design. If you and your fiance met while studying abroad in Paris, then how could you have anything other than a French themed wedding, complete with croissants? Perhaps you are planning to honeymoon in Italy – how about a wedding inspired by the colors and flavors of Tuscany?

Anything can serve as a potential inspiration for your wedding design. It is simply a matter of keeping an open mind, because great ideas can come from any source. When you choose a design scheme or theme that really means something to you, you will find that the dream wedding you have always imagined will soon take shape.

South Pacific Vanuatu Wedding Planning Tips and Advice

Vanuatu has long been a popular wedding destination for couples wanting to elope, those seeking to avoid a huge financial commitment to their big day or people marrying for the second time round. These days, there is an ever-increasing trend for couples, who prefer smaller, or more intimate weddings, to choose Vanuatu as the location for their wedding. Vanuatu is very much the preferred choice for many couples wanting to find inspiration away from home or simply to escape the stress and expense of planning such a significant event themselves.

A Vanuatu Wedding also involves a bit of fantasy. Marrying your true love in exotic Vanuatu IS different AND unbelievably romantic! It provides couples with a unique setting and brings something extra and special to a wedding that just isn’t available at home. A Pacific island wedding in Vanuatu is an event that neither the bridal party nor guests will ever forget, for all the ideal reasons!!

Vanuatu is fast becoming the ultimate wedding destination for many Australians and New Zealanders – perhaps partly due to the close geographical proximity of both countries. Of course, Vanuatu also boasts some exotic wedding venues, all with unique, spectacular backdrops.

Everyday life in Vanuatu is very friendly and relaxed. Couples who marry or renew their vows here readily take in the ambience of this beautiful paradise and frequently choose to honeymoon here as well. Either way, more time tends to be set aside to enjoy this special event – it’s a wedding, honeymoon, holiday and uniquely romantic experience, all rolled into one.

BUT be warned – If you plan to organise your Vanuatu Wedding all by yourself from home, you’ll only have yourself to blame if everything goes south!! Instead, we recommend that you follow the essential guidelines set out below to ensure that your tropical island wedding turns out just the way you want it to!


Enlist the services of a local wedding planner. Planning a wedding is always a lot of work, let alone planning one away from home. You’ll need an experienced Wedding Coordinator who will be with you throughout the planning process to ensure that your vision of your wedding day is something that can realistically be delivered on in Vanuatu. When choosing such a person or company, look for testimonials from their past customers.

The Wedding Venue, Reception and Ceremony. Discuss all your requirements and options with your Vanuatu wedding planner so that everything comes together the way you want it AND within your budget! This includes the Marriage Celebrant and the legal requirements.

Budget. Consider selecting an existing Wedding Package. To keep your budget in control go for a Package and stick to it. Don’t start requesting foods that may not be readily available in Vanuatu as this may result in additional cost to you in having to transport it in (and keep it fresh in the process)!

The Photographer. It is extremely important for you to book your photographer at an early stage. If this is not done you can very easily find that there isn’t one available. At Events Vanuatu, we use Island Paradise Photography as our preferred wedding photographer. Feel free to contact Michael at Island Paradise Photography via their website.

Invitations. Give your guests as much notice as possible. This means sending out the invitations early or at the very least, sending out a “Hold the Date” notice. Make sure you include details of the destination! It’s also a good idea to give them the names and contact details of Travel Agents who can assist with guest accommodation – ones that may be able to give your guests a better deal or upgrades for group bookings.

Hair and Makeup. Qualified Hair and Makeup Stylists are few and far between but there’s none better (in our opinion) than Chris H and her team from Platinum Hair & Beauty. She’s always in demand so it will be important for you to have your wedding coordinator book appointments well in advance. This is also something that’s worth letting your intended guests know about – otherwise you may all find yourselves looking less than your best!!

The Wedding Cake. Judi Clelland of Cake-Fantasy makes the most beautiful cakes. Like Chris H, Judi is in high demand. Judi is happy for you to contact her directly through her website to discuss your requirements – but again, it’s not a good idea to leave it to the last minute.

Flowers. Annie Tehei is a local florist who creates the most spectacular, tropical flower arrangements, bouquets and table decorations. Just remember that your flower selection will be limited to what is available locally, although our range of local tropical flowers is quite extensive.

Transportation. You’ll need to discuss with your wedding coordinator any necessary arrangements for getting you and your guest to the ceremony and reception.

Weather – Climate. The beauty of Vanuatu is that it has a tropical climate. This means that it is seldom cold but you should check with your professional wedding coordinator, that your proposed wedding date DOESN’T fall smack in the middle of the cyclone season! As an experienced wedding planner, I also recommend that you have some sort of back up plan – just in case it rains.